Vipassana meditation continues …….

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To my amazement, I continue to practice Vipassana meditation every day for 2 hours. I am finding that I feel so much better within myself and I’m handling a big life transition so much better than I would have normally. My mind is very busy and there is some stress in my life now yet I feel that I can cope more effectively. It is lovely to feel that everything is going to be OK.

I love how the teacher said “the mind is like a wild animal” which needs to be trained with patience and persistence. No point in getting angry and annoyed with a wild animal because it will not respond favourably. The art of sharpening the mind is to remain calm and peaceful and accept that the mind will wonder, that is its nature, that is what it will do. So why get angry and frustrated with a mind for doing what it does. It is easier to relax and say “the mind will wonder, that is its nature”.  I found this phrase simply bought the mind back to the moment without fuss so I could continue meditating. Beautiful in its simplicity.

Back in the moment I am able to feel the sensation being experienced in the body and it passes, dissolves with all the worry leaving me able to see what is happening and make a rational informed decision. My style so far has been to respond to emotions with such urgency that I never gave myself time to stop and think what was really happening. Half the time I was wrong and created the very scenario that I had imagined. I imagined what was going to happen and then made that my reality because I believed that was reality.

Approaching problems with a calm mind and compassion is so refreshing. I am not an expert by any means but have had some amazing results. Compassion for others frees me from my resentments which actually hurts me. It is ironic how resentment and anger are so damaging to me when others have done the wrong thing. Forgiveness is difficult but is very liberating because you have to let go of your anger to forgive. Once again, beautiful in its simplicity. Hanging onto anger  usually involves an attachment to “they shouldn’t have or I didn’t deserve that” or the worse case scenario is when anger towards another can be used as an excuse to behave poorly. I’ve done that too!

Letting go of old attachments clears the way for others to follow. Creating new attachments keeps the old ones alive. Equanimity opened the door for me. I was hanging onto my attachments to old memories because I could, for example stay angry at that person and then I could justify why I felt so unwell and did not want to do this or that.

Letting go is the go.

Take Care

Therapy Monkey


The Addict Industry: Is this news to you or just Politics?

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 Hello reader    

Most people are unaware of the  ‘Addict Industry’. You hear a little about the “bad guys” in the news and let’s face it, no one really cares what happens to them.  They need to be dealt with,  Right ………?  So society does what wants with them.     The Addict Industry is a gold mine if you know where to dig.        

You’ve probably heard it said that we all know some one “on drugs” and how everyone has a relative that is an alcoholic. If you haven’t heard, take a moment now. Do you? You probably do.  That’s a lot of people. Lots of  ‘hooked’ people.    

The list of workers in the ‘Addict Industry’ would include but is not limited to people working for; the police, Courts, Corrective services (prison staff & parole officers), Corrective Services  Industries (using inmates as labour),  rehabs,  psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, charity organisations, DoCS, methadone clinics, chemists, pharmaceutical companies, security guards, video surveillance companies, the list goes on and on ……..        

 The Addict Industry grows larger every day. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really beautiful people out there working in the industry. This is about the those who are making big money while professing dedication to improving  our society. I don’t buy it!  There are more prisons being built all the time.  Money makers trumpet their goodwill towards others but if you listen to them closely they are unethical, selfish and speak mostly about how wonderful they are.  These people seem fair but smell real foul and gravitate towards positions of power. They know who’s shoes to shine and are quite charming to the people above them. Those below don’t seem matter unless they want their car washed or need words of thanks and praise to fill their massive egos.     

The problem is that the Addict industry has a helpful façade but actually keeps many of their customers dependent while fostering a sense of hopelessness in its customers. This is only mentioning drugs and alcohol. The big picture becomes pretty scary if you include all the diets in magazines, internet addiction, video games, dating sites,  junk food, fizzy drinks and anything else you can think of that ‘hooks’ people.   

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why the world is becoming more overweight when there are thousands of diets to choose from. Building more prisons would be a waste of time if the criminal justice system was working. More and more people are on medications for anxiety and depression instead of a less depressed and anxious population. The opposite to treatment is occurring.   

The more we focus on ‘the fix’ the more we feel broken.   

People are not broken. Only stuck believing that they are broken.   

People need knowledge, empowerment, hope and inspiration. Instead the “Industry” maintains its customers as consumers so they keep coming back.  There are many workers who battle on while being stifled by the politics of small-minded business people. The business and therapeutic models of treatment differ vastly so admin people should go away, balance their books and leave the clinical work to those who know what they’re doing.    

More later ………          

Take Care           

Therapy Monkey              

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