The Banksia is a beautiful depiction of how a destructive force like fire will release a seed and bring new life into the world. It is truly a wonderful thing to see a spec of green among the black and grey ash that is left in the wake of a bush fire. The bush regenerates after fire and some argue that it actually improves. Don’t get me wrong, the tragedy of fire is very real and many lives have been lost.

What I am speaking about here is the idea of resilience and how many are able to continue living in the face of adversity. We see  suffering every day on the news and it fills me with hope that people all over the world continue to grow and outlive not only natural disasters but carry on living with meaning and purpose in the face of personal difficulties, incredible barbarianism, hypocrisy, racism and cruelty. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in humanity.  

It is interesting when you look at different people’s responses to similar events. Minor events crush  some people while others seem to blossom in the face of incredible hardship. Funny thing is that you can never really tell how things will affect someone until it happens.

The important point to remember is that we, as people should never judge a person that is struggling in life or has made a mistake because we all make mistakes. We are all the same. Stuff happens sometimes and you will need good people around you when it does. 

It is quite simple. Be as well as you can and help when you can and hope that others are doing the same so that they will be there in turn to help you when you need them. This is the essence of the human spirit. The sense of connection with the world which fosters resilience while encouraging growth and allowing new meaning to arise from the hardships we face in life.   

Take Care

Therapy Monkey