So who are the Angry People? Shame on you T.V!


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There was a show on the TV tonight about the increase in youth violence. It showed footage of young people  fighting and then the focus turned to the problem with alcohol. More footage of young people being wrestled to the ground by police. There was talk about limiting hotel and club trading hours and interviews with police about the increase in people carrying knives. The story then went into the lives of homeless people and how some are angry and have mental health issues. They even interviewed a young man about how he wanted to harm his self.   

So the logic of this show pointed the finger at homeless youth with mental health issues being the problem. Shame on this show for creating such a stigma. Sensationalist rubbish. It was like they had to blame a particular demographic so that we at home could watch and say “Oh, look at the bad people dear” and “I don’t know what the world is coming to with the young people of today”.   

Young people get into fights sure. However, I believe that they are not the only people doing the fighting.  The people getting into fights include regular people of all ages and all socioeconomic statuses. People that get into fights when they go out are usually just people who are having a bad time because they are upset about something and have had too much to drink.     

 There is no excuse for the fear mongering and stereotyping of young people and mental illness created by such rubbish.      

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